Going as a couple this Halloween? Dress as the most charming, sexy and powerful couple in the Roman Empire!

Antony and Cleopatra sexy costumesFinding a costume theme that will suit both yours and your partner’s tastes can be quite a difficult task, especially when you have different tastes when it comes to clothing. Yet, it is highly important to find one theme that will get you two together, so that you can adopt matching costumes that you will both like.

One of the themes both men and women find attractive is the historical one, as it gives you plenty of options from which you can choose the perfect costume. Choose to be Marc Antony and Cleopatra and both of you will have a varied range of costumes from which you can make your choice.

Cleopatra Ultimate Adult Costume

Cleopatra theatre costumeIf you are looking for something exquisite, royal and theater-quality, a costume that will leave everyone’s mouth open with amazement, then this is the costume to go for! It is all ornamental jewels, Egyptian design and diaphanous silk – no other dress can come close in fine quality and detail.

With super-fine detail, the complete outfit comes with a high quality white dress, a blue drape attached to golden wrist cuffs and hip, a decorative gold tabbard, a jeweled collar, a classical Egyptian headpiece, and a cape. All together, this makes an incredibly impressive costume

Cleopatra was the last queen of Egypt, and her vast intelligence, wit and cunning won over not one, but two of the most powerful men on the planet – Julius Caesar and Marc Antony!

Her ambitions of a vast Egyptian empire to rival Rome was thwarted by the only other Roman powerful enough to stop her – Octavius, otherwise known as Augustus Caesar, who after the battle would be the first official Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Marc Antony theatre costumeWith such a powerful personality, it is only suitable to wear such a grandiose royal costume. Place the golden headpiece on your head and be ready to wisely rule over your people!

Pair With: Deluxe Marc Antony Costume

Unlike other basic Roman costumes, which can be anything from a common Roman citizen to a gladiator or a soldier, this costume pays great attention to that of a Roman Consul, the highest office of the old Republic.

This theater-quality costume comes with a Roman burgundy tunic, gold embroidered waist, and an impressive decorate chest detail in gold with the Roman eagle. It also comes with a luxurious cape and matching arm cuffs.

This is a perfect companion to Cleopatra!

Sexy Cleopatra Adult Costume

Cleopatra Sexy CostumeWomen looking for a sexier appearance for this Halloween will be very pleased with this costume. It includes a white top and white matching skirt, both with beautiful golden decorations and costume jewels, a golden collar and matching belt embellished with pharaoh jewels and a long, golden cape attached to the collar.

It also includes a golden snake armlet which will remember everyone about the way in which Cleopatra died! This sexy, elegant and sparkling costume will make you noticed the minute you walk through the door!

Sexy Marc Antony costumeThis is certainly the occasion to dress sexy – back in a world completely dominated by men, the one advantage women had was their sexuality. Cleopatra used this to great effect to win over first Julius Caesar, and later with Marc Antony.

Pair With: Marc Antony Heartthrob costume

This costume will turn many heads and break many hearts, especially when you are going to show up with your Cleopatra at the party!

This Marc Antony Costume includes a white tunic to the knees with golden decorations, a red cape attached to it and a black belt to highlight your waist. You also receive a laurel crown as sign of your power. No woman could ever resist such a gallant and handsome man!

Black/ Gold Cleopatra Adult Costume

Cleopatra black dressDo you want a dramatic and original outfit this Halloween? Then what about a black version of her costume? The costume is made up of a black dress with high slit in front, golden collar with blue jewels attached, matching cuffs and belt. You will also receive a headband made of jewels which will successfully complete the entire ensemble.

With this elegant costume there will be nobody to defeat you!

Marc Antony Roman warrior costumePair With: Marc Antony Blood-red warrior costume

Would you like a more warrior-like look? If so, then this costume will be perfect for you. It includes a red robe, like the blood that will flow if somebody is in his way, a gladiator belt, a red and white cape and a golden wreath, symbol of his nobility. The red contrasts perfectly with Cleopatra’s black costume.

This brave captain will not be defeated!

The great thing about the Marc Antony and Cleopatra theme is the fact that no matter which of the above listed costumes you and your partner decide to wear, you will still be a perfect match. Thus, you will have your share of freedom when choosing your costume! This is quite an advantage for a Halloween couple costume!

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