Hercules Roman CostumeThis Halloween, show your military skill dressed up in a Roman soldier costume!

The Roman soldiers were thought to be some of the bravest and most skilled warriors of all the ancient world. Their great strategies, as well as the courage and skills they showed in numerous military campaigns brought them the fame of fierce warriors among other contemporary armies.

Share this fame with them and be part of the army which helped Caesar conquer Gaul, or Scipio Africanus who defeated Hannibal and helped make Rome the dominant power in the Mediterranean. You will have a tough image that will impress even the most cold-hearted women.

Roman Centurion Soldier CostumeCenturion Adult Costume

Become the best officer Rome has ever seen with this grey centurion outfit. The ensemble, which imitates the outfit Roman officers wore in  battle, is made up of a white tunic, faux leather, grey armor, grey, metal-like armguards, shoulder and shin guards, matching helmet and a grey cape attached to the armor. This ancient Roman costume can make you the party’s hero this Halloween!

Roman Armor

Roman breastplate costume armourEvery soldier needs resistant armor that can efficiently protect him during the toughest battles. Get your pieces of armor this Halloween and no enemy will be able to hurt you! Look for items such as a shield to protect against sword blows and arrows, a breastplate to cover your chest, arm guards so your sword arm isn’t sliced off, a magnificent helmet, and leg armor. Wear a white tunic under all this and a pair of Roman sandals and you will obtain the perfect soldier costume for your Halloween disguise.

Warrior Goddess Adult Costume

Warrior Goddess princess costumeWhen Roman soldiers need guidance, their goddess is always there to offer them good advices and a little help. Be the one who plays the cards up in the sky with this Warrior Goddess Adult costume. The sexy outfit includes a faux leather dress, golden decorations printed on it, arm gauntlets and a sexy red cape. With such a good looking costume, you convince any god that your army is worth the victory. Your subjects will adore you until they die!

The great wealth and the expanding territories subdued to Rome were due to the braveness, courage and devotion of the Roman soldiers. Their high professionalism and their tactics have made their army an almost undefeatable one! Be part of it this Halloween and help your leader win battle after battle in one of the above listed costumes.

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