Woman gladiator costumeDress to kill in a gorgeous woman gladiator costume this Halloween!

Many people believe that only men were allowed to enter in the arena and play roles or fight against other men. Yet, there have been historical documents proving that women were also entering in the arena for a period of time.

Even though the existence of the gladiatrix was limited and it was only the legends regarding gladiators which have survived until our times, there is no reason for which you could not revive this tradition and dress in a woman gladiator costume this year. There are some awesome costumes which will show everyone both your sexy and your dangerous side!

Warrior Princess Adult Costume

This hot costume will certainly make everyone wonder if you are for real or the goddess of war has just descended on Earth to take her share. The ensemble is made up of a brown faux leather dress with prints on top, waist cuffs matching the costume and a red cape attached to it! Even the goddesses will be jealous of you!

Babe-a-lonian warrior woman costumeBabe-A-Lonian Warrior Woman Adult Costume

Strength and beauty are two of the most important attributes of this lady. Put on this brown dress with sequin golden details, put your armbands and your headband in place, attach the white chiffon cape and get your roman-style high heel shoes and you will be ready to break bones and hearts! Even without a sword, you will still make lots of victims this Halloween!

Gladiator Glamazon Adult Costume

Sexy Olympia Gladiator Woman CostumeAre you looking for a dangerous, black costume? Take a look at this wild women gladiator costume! It includes a black dress with buckle adornments and a cinched waist meant to underline your warrior silhouette and a matching headband. A dangerously sexy outfit that will prompt you in the spotlights instantaneously!

Sexy Goddess Gladiator Costume

If you want a more “Spartan”gladiator costume, then you should try this sexy outfit. It includes a sexy short white Greek dress with brown faux leather belt and shoulder strap, and matching armbands. The Roman Colosseum will think a warrior goddess from Olympia stepped down to become a brave and beautiful gladiatrix!

Female gladiators did exist and for some Romans their presence in the arena was much more entertaining than the presence of men (which was ho hum, same ol’ same ol!) Yet, there were also people who did not like seeing women fighting other women or slaughtering animals (the female venatores), thus their appearances in such fights were rather scarce and even prohibited at a certain point through a legal document. Would you disobey the orders and become a fierce woman gladiator this Halloween?

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